John T. Conroy, ra

Principal + Founder / Architect

P: 609.695.1125


As principal and founding partner of Princeton Design Collaborative (PDC), John Conroy spent over a year instrumentally organizing a team of design professionals to offer an all-inclusive design group for any project in the built environment and beyond before opening its doors. He has form a union of experts in the fields of architecture, interiors, landscape architecture, graphics and web design. He enjoys talking about PDC not as a group of professionals or colleagues, but as a “Professional Family.” John states, “We are a group of designers, all with global experience, helping one another out to offer unsurpassed design and customer service to all our clients.”


John plays a role in all aspects of the of the firms five major design disciplines. He prides himself, not as being a dictator or leader of the group, but as a mentor and collaborator. He is a champion of the other designer’s ideas. He sees collaborating with members of PDC as starting point of team involvement which then extends to the firms clientele.


A life-long resident of Central New Jersey, John has been active in architecture for over 25 years. John received his bachelors’ degree in architecture at Syracuse University and finished his master's at the top of his design class in architecture and urban design while studying at Syracuse’s Florence Italy M Arch II program. John’s talent grew rapidly with the rise of Hillier Architecture as the largest architectural firm in New Jersey. During his tenure with the firm, he work on numerous prestigious projects for Rutgers University, Bristol Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Hyatt, and Liberty Science Center to name a few. His art for delivering unsurpassed client service gave him the opportunity to lead projects on a global level after the firm was sold to RMJM. At the peak of RMJM's success John's clients spanned the globe in India, Singapore, Vietnam and Russia as well back here in the states. Mr. Conroy's thirst for knowledge in the world of designed lead him to assist in the development and leadership of the state's largest AIA continuing education program while at Hillier Architecture. During his long career at Hillier Architecture, John also played a significant role in recruiting talented students from leading universities and help build Hillier Architecture as one of the leading design firms in the nation.


In 2012 John founded Princeton design Collaborative (PDC), with a few former colleagues, to create a full service design firm, offering architecture, interiors, landscape architecture, graphic and web design. John’s talents affords him the ability to work on several different project types, including architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture and urban design.


On the community front he sits on the Lawrence Township Growth and Redevelopment Committee for over a dozen years to promote growth of local business and chairs the Route One Redevelopment Committee in Lawrence to foster proper design along the corridor. John's collaborative nature with staff and clients, along with his passion for design gives him the ability to lead any project to a successful result.


John’s interests include: European travel, wood working, wine, and home improvement.