Master Planning


West Windsor NJ

Mac-Cali Realty Corporation

Speculative Office Complex & Hotel

758,000 SF / 70421 m2

Planning board approvals completed

Master Planning/ Architecture / Landscape Architecture

Princeton Executive Campus is an extension of the West Windsor Business district along the Route One Corridor, which runs from Meadow Road to Alexander Road. The main focus of this complex are the three buildings to the north of New Meadow Road. The corporate campus is compositionally set up as the south gateway of the eastern side of the district. The business District is mostly comprised of the Carnegie Center, which is divided into clusters of buildings that are united with a common materials and themed landscaping, such as English, French and American gardens. This theme has been interpolated into a modern language for both the structures as well as gardens. The architecture includes a “Thick Walled” Community Exterior with interpretations of a Baptistery, Campanile, and Ducal Porch. The landscaping is a set of formal spaces that play off one another. F the landscape features include a colonnade of Cedars, interpretations of orangey, vineyards, olive grove as well as a rill ending in a large fountain.


The goal of the design is to take forms from the past and interpolate them into a composition that is in keeping with today’s building technologies and are portrayed in a clean modern design without being a themed Disney interpretation.